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Online Quiz #1 - Online Quiz #1 The following questions...

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Online Quiz #1 The following questions refer to the case study. You may need to review the handout on the solubility of gases. 1. At pH= 3.5, what percent of salicylic acid is negatively charged? Choose the closest answer. A) 100 B) 50 C) 25 D) 0 E) 75 2. Which of the following compounds appears in the correctly balanced chemical reaction for the hydrolysis of the ester linkage in acetylsalicylic acid? A) acetic acid B) oxygen C) phenol D) alcohol E) ethanol 3. What is the charge on the salicylic acid at pH = 8.5 A) +1 B) -1 C) -2 D) +2 E) 0 4. At what pH would you expect salicylic acid to be most soluble in an aqueous solution? A) 3.3 B) 0.0 C) 7.4 D) 5.2 5. Which of the following chemical reactions is not relevant to the answer of question 3b in the case study? A) HCO 3 - → H+ + CO 3 2 - B) H 2 CO 3 → H+ + HCO 3 - C) CO 2 (aq) → CO 2 (g) D) CO 2 + H 2 O → H 2 CO 3
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6. What is the purpose of the bicarbonate drip? A) It increases the concentrations of both carbonic acid and the bicarbonate ion, thereby increasing the buffer capacity of the blood. This will stabilize the patient until the hyperventilation stops. B) Nothing. But it increases the hospital's fees. C) It drives the reaction H + + HCO 3 - → H 2 CO 3 forward thereby decreasing the H + concentration and decreasing the pH. D) HCO 3 - is a stronger acid than it is a base and therefore adds protons to the solution. 7. Calculate the ratio of HCO 3 - to H 2 CO 3 in the patient's blood 2 hours after the ingestion of the aspirin. The K a1 for H 2 CO 3 is 4.4 x 10-7. Choose the closest number. A) 88
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Online Quiz #1 - Online Quiz #1 The following questions...

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