review 2 - Cyanogen bromide Endopeptidase Exopeptidase...

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;0<29272896 Primary structure Secondary structure Tertiary Structure Quaternary Structure Fibrous Protein Globular Protein Membrane Protein Residue Subunit Alpha helix Beta sheet (or strand) --or beta pleated sheet ! parallel ! antiparallel beta turn chaperones Conformation Configuration Isoelectric point Chromatography N-terminal C-terminal Heteromultimer Homomultimer Edman reagent Edman degradation Enzymatic fragmentation of polypeptide Chemical fragmentation of polypeptide Amino acid sequence of polypeptide Amino acid composition of polypeptide Trypsin
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Unformatted text preview: Cyanogen bromide Endopeptidase Exopeptidase Carboxypeptidase Sulfhydryl group Sulfhydryl group modification Disulfide bond Oxidation of Disulfide bond Mass spectrometry Homologous (two definitionsone in the book and one I gave in class) Orthologous Paralogous Phylogenetic tree Invariant residue Mutation Solid-phase peptide synthesis Post-translational modification Simple protein Conjugated protein Prosthetic group Anfinsens experiment Denaturation Renaturation Diseases of protein folding Quaternary associations Structural and functional advantages of quaternary associations...
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review 2 - Cyanogen bromide Endopeptidase Exopeptidase...

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