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View Attempt 2 of 2 Title: Q12: Organization Started: October 4, 2010 10:30 AM Submitted: October 4, 2010 10:34 AM Time spent: 00:04:42 Current score: 11/20 = 55% This assessment is only partially graded. Graded Questions: 11/14.0 = 78.57% Ungraded Questions: --/6 Done 1. What is Goodman's thesis in her essay "The Company Man"? Student Response: how a workaholic is too involved with working to be with his family. Score: (Not graded) 2. From the techniques listed on UNLV Writing Center's web page, which item did Ellen Goodman use in her conclusion for her essay "The Company Man"? Choose the best answer. Student Response Value Feedback 1. Re-state the thesis statement 2. Present the reader with a question 3. Draw a final conclusion/analysis 4. Leave the reader with a final impression or something to think about 100% Score: 1/1 3. What is the thesis in Hal Lancaster's essay, "A Father's Character, Not His Success, Shapes Kids' Careers"? State it in one thesis. Student Response: how Hal Lancaster's father effect his life. Score: (Not graded) 4. Your location: Assessments View All Submissions › View Attempt View Attempt https://webcampus.nevada.edu/webct/urw/lc128758526990. .. 1! "4! 2010/11/25 18:28
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What was Lancaster's father's reaction when his son didn't make the junior varsity baseball team? Student Response: his father said" some people just aren't cut out for athletics" without a trace of disappointment. Score: (Not graded) 5. Which introduction technique (found on The Writing Center's web page) does Roy Wilson use in his essay "Oh, I'm Just a Housewife"? Student Response Value Feedback 1. Use a quote 2. Create a striking image 3. Present a vivid scene 4. Use dialogue 100% Score: 1/1 6. To create coherent paragraphs, you need what elements?
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q12 2 - 82:81 52/11/0102 4 1.4)dedarg toN.e fil sih tcef fe...

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