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View Attempt 1 of 2 Title: Q20: Social Concerns Started: November 5, 2010 11:17 PM Submitted: November 6, 2010 12:46 AM Time spent: 01:29:26 Current score: 0/30 = 0% This assessment is only partially graded. Graded Questions: 0/4.0 = 0% Ungraded Questions: --/26 Done 1. Illustrate the differences and similarities between the terms values, norms, and roles. Give examples for each term. (See page 231 in Viewpoints.) Student Response: The values of a culture identify its ideals, its ultimate aims and most general standards for assessing good and bad or desirable and undesirable. Norms, on the contrary, are quite specific. They are rules governing behavior in a society or group such as the medical profession. Roles are a collection of norms associated with a particular position in society.For example, student,friend. Score: (Not graded) 2. What is the thesis of "Your Mirror Image?" by Francine Russo? State it in one sentence.
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q20 - 32:81 52 /11 /0102 3 1 rewsna ruoy nialpxE ?sredrosid...

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