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Title: Q21: Argumentative Essays Started: November 13, 2010 1:12 AM Submitted: November 13, 2010 3:00 AM Time spent: 01:48:09 Current score: 14.98/40 = 37.45% This assessment is only partially graded. Graded Questions: 14.98/30.0 = 49.93% Ungraded Questions: --/10 Done 1. nutshell statement Which of the following describes a "nutshell statement"? Choose all that apply. Student Response Value Feedback 1. is only one paragraph 25% 2. is the opening paragraph in an essay 3. contains the purpose of the essay 25% 4. shows the support used in the essay 25% 5. shows who the audience is for the essay 25% Score: 4/4 2. Binge Drinking thesis Which sentence best conveys the thesis for the essay "Binge Drinking Is a Normal Impulse" by Jennie Bristow? Student Response Value Feedback 1. An occasional binge, however, is a good way for people to lose their inhibitions and escape from their everyday lives. 100% 2. Our society is passionless, uptight and risk-averse even to appreciate the importance of getting drunk. 3. The key feature of alcohol is that it makes people lose their inhibitions. Your location: Assessments View All Submissions › View Attempt View Attempt https://webcampus.nevada.edu/webct/urw/lc128758526990. .. 1! "4!
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q21 2 - 32:81 52 /11 /0102 .snoitibihni rieht esol elpoep...

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