Fall 2005 Final

Fall 2005 Final - Student Number : Last Name only (print) :...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Number : Last Name only (print) : Other name(s) : FACULTY OF SCIENCE FINAL EXAMINATION MATHEMATICS 133 VECTORS, MATRICES AND GEOMETRY VERSION 1 Examiner: Professor I. Klemes Date: Monday, 5 December 2005. Associate Examiner: Professor C. Roth Time: 2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Check that this paper has all 14 questions, and a total of 9 pages which include this cover and the two continuation pages at the end. 2. This is a closed book exam. Notes, calculators, or any other devices, are not permitted. 3. Information on the computer card is to be entered with a soft lead pencil. Any erasing must be done cleanly. The computer will also accept black and blue ball point pens, but this is not advised as you will not be able to erase these to make corrections. 4. This exam paper is Version 1 . Make sure that this same version number is filled in in the Version column of your computer card. 5. Print your student number and names in the blanks at the top of this exam paper, and on any rough work booklets provided. 6. Enter the requested ID information on the computer card, including the check bits columns as instructed on the card. Sign the computer card in the space indicated. 7. This paper may not be removed from the exam room by the student. All items, including rough work in the exam booklets, must be handed in. 8. This exam paper has a total of 100 points and consists of two parts: Part I consists of 10 multiple choice questions (1 to 10) worth 4 points each. Only the answers entered on the computer card will be considered for Part I. Part II consists of 4 written questions (11,12,13,14) worth 15 points each. In this part, show all of the work necessary for each step in the solution, and simplify answers. 9. Your solutions to the questions of Part II are to be written in the blank spaces provided in this exam paper below each question. If you need to continue your work, use the facing page (i.e....
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Fall 2005 Final - Student Number : Last Name only (print) :...

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