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Unformatted text preview: McGill University. Department of Mathematics and Statistics COURSE OUTLINE: MATH 133 - Linear Algebra and Geometry Course Webpage: Instructors: Section 001 A. Clay; section 002 S. Shahabi; section 003 A. Kelome; section 004 W. Anderson ; section 005 J. Loveys. Textbook: ”Elementary Linear Algebra, Second Edition”, by W. K. Nicholson, ISBN: 0-07-091142-8, McGraw-Hill, 2004 (paperback) Topics to be covered: Vector Geometry, Systems of Linear Equations, Reduced Echelon Form, Matrix Algebra, Subspaces of R n , Linear Transformations, Determinants, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors and Diagonalization. Webwork: There will be about eight WebWork assignments. For more information about the webwork assignment please visit the course webpage. Written assignments: There will at least two and no more than four written assignments. They will be posted on the course webpage. The due date for each assignment will be clearly specified and strictly enforced. Failure to submit an assignment by the specified due date willspecified and strictly enforced....
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