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1 Initial Cooling Jim Thompson and Michael Reid Postharvest physiology and Handling Postharvest physiology and Handling Laboratory Hanoi, October 2010 COOLING METHOD • Conduction • Convection • Radiation – Of little importance at these temperatures COOLING MEDIUM • Air – Convection • Water – Conduction • Ice – Conduction and convection Cooling the medium Mechanical refrigeration – Ammonia, Freon Thermal refrigeration Evaporative cooling Underground cooling • Ice/Snow Night air Dry ice, liquid nitrogen Evaporative cooling Cooling Begins in the Field Prevent heating in the field. Shorten time before cooling begins.
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2 Shade product to reduce heat gain and moisture loss water spray Carrot Receiving Use frequent, scheduled pick up Product temperature drop is rare in trailers. Transport Cooling Slow cooling in marine transport Vertical Airflow
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