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1 Food Safety Considerations for Fruits and Vegetables…. Perspective of a non-microbiologist Marita Cantwell Dept. Plant Sciences, UCDavis [email protected] http:// http:// postharvest.ucdavis.edu PLS172 Oct 30, 2009 Linda J. Harris , Dept. Food Science & Tech., UC Davis Trevor Suslow , Dept. Plant Sciences, UC Davis Jim Gorny , formerly Postharvest Technology Center, UC Davis, now FDA UCD Center for Produce Safety: Most slides in this presentation are from Trevor Suslow We are handling food! We deal with food contact surfaces! Recent UC Food Safety Extension Brochures Food Safety Challenges Food Safety Challenges Chemical Chemical residues, heavy metals Physical Glass, wood, etc . Biological Microbial Allergens Toxins Naturally occurring Produced by fungi 1998-2008 (as of Aug 2008) Fresh Produce Outbreaks by Commodity Fresh Produce Outbreaks by Commodity Tomatoes 14 Cantaloupe 9 Melons 1 Honeydew melon 2 Raspberries 5 Romaine lettuce 6 Lettuce 12 Mixed lettuce 1 Cabbage 1 Spinach 2 Green onions 3 Mango 2 Almonds 2 Parsley 2 Basil 4 Green grapes 1 Snow Peas 1 Basil or Mesclun 2 Squash 1 Unknown 3 Summarized by Trevor Suslow 1998 – 2006 Produce Outbreaks Lettuce/leafy greens Tomatoes Cantaloupe Herbs Green Onion Other 30% 17% 13% 11% 24% 5% Top 5 produce items make up 76% of outbreaks
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