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1 Postharvest physiology and handling laboratory Hanoi, 2010 Maturity Definition of horticultural maturity “Stage at which a commodity has reached a sufficient stage of development that after harvesting and postharvest handling (including ripening, if required) its eating quality will be at least the minimum acceptable to the ultimate consumer” Horticultural and physiological maturity Maturity indices Physical Size and shape Dry weight Color Firmness Physiological CO 2 and C 2 H 4 Chemical Soluble solids Starch conversion Acidity Oil content Aroma Size and shape Dry matter content Estimates the accumulation of solids St h Starch Oil Used for avocados Kiwifruit
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2 Color Internal External Visual comparison Instruments Firmness Other physical measures Maturity in pumpkin relates to ground color But also can be determined by deposition of cork on the pedicel Development of the abscission zone Soluble solids
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Unformatted text preview: Total soluble solids in the commodity Usually sugars, some acids Refractometer NIR spectrophotomete Refractometer, NIR spectrophotometer Starch conversion Starch glucose I 2 /KI solution turns starch black Changing patterns associated with ripening Apples Bananas Mangos Kiwifruit Kiwifruit Time 3 Acidity Falls during ripening of many fruits Apricots Time Used as a maturity index (with soluble solids content) for citrus Requires titration, by hand or automatic Oil content Specifically for avocados Strongly correlated with flavor quality Has been replaced by dry matter content Easier to measure (microwave) Aroma Changes during maturation and ripening Hard to quantitate Electronic nose may help Has been used for melon maturity Online maturity monitoring Speed Easily measured Firmness, NIR/Sugars...
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Maturity [Compatibility Mode] - Copy - Total soluble solids...

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