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1 Compositional Changes: carbohydrates, organic acids, pectin, lipids Florence Negre-Zakharov Plant Sciences, UC Davis [email protected] PLB 172 – Lecture # 8 CO 2 Calvin Cycle Sugars Sugars Glycolysis More sugars Acids Proteins Pigments Volatiles Sugars PEP Pyruvate Pigments Acetyl-CoA Phenylalanine Pigments Lignins Flavonoids Polyphenolics Amino Acids Fatty Acids Carbohydrates Organic Acids Proteins Aroma Aroma Aroma (photosynthetic assimilates) Aroma Compositional Changes: Carbohydrates (mono- and disaccharides) Assimilation of carbohydrates during fruit development and ripening • Photosynthetic assimilates (carbohydrates) are translocated from source tissue (green leaves) to sink tissues (developing fruits). • In most fruits, the translocated carbohydrate is sucrose (in apples, it is sorbitol ). • Fruits differ in how this assimilate accumulates during development and ripening. Most accumulated prior to onset of ripening Accumulated evenly during growth, maturation and ripening Assimilation of carbohydrates prior to onset of ripening Banana Ripeness Chart
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