nl38 - academic news Ivy League By Andr Bakker, Fluent Inc....

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38 Fluent NEWS fall 2003 academic news Ivy League By André Bakker, Fluent Inc. and Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH Paper Airplane Competition Students Kyle Rick and Burkhard Lewerich each fold- ed a paper airplane, one that is commonly used in American classrooms and one that rules the sky in the German Schule. After extensive scientific experimentation, they concluded that the American design flew farther, but its flight was char- acterized by a destabilizing wobble. The German design, on the other hand, did not fly quite as far, but had a smooth and stable glide. What better way to analyze this than by using FLUENT?! Both designs were meshed in GAMBIT and flow field calculations were performed with FLUENT for a number of different angles of attack. From the flow fields they extracted drag, lift, and the torque on the plane. They then used this information to extract the flight path of each design, reproducing the experimentally found results. After visualizing the flow with pathlines, they found that the addi- tional flap on the German folded design increased the drag (resulting in a shorter flight path), but resulted in a differ- ent vortex structure that stabilized the flight. ONERA Wing Modeling Edward Hopkins took a different perspective to study airplane flight, by modeling the flow around a three-dimen- sional transonic airfoil, the ONERA M6 wing. He obtained the mesh from NASA and the experimental data for three flight conditions from ONERA (The French National Aerospace Research Establishment). The three conditions were for a zero-degree angle of attack at Mach numbers of 0.7
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nl38 - academic news Ivy League By Andr Bakker, Fluent Inc....

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