As we progress further into the twenty first century

As we progress further into the twenty first century -...

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As we progress further into the twenty first century, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the concept of a multinational corporation and its effects on all parties involved is receiving much more attention than it used to. The world is moving at a fast pace and the idea of a “global village” is coming clearly into focus. Technology is constantly changing and evolving and it is allowing humans to be easily connected no matter where they are in the world fast faster than ever before. Companies and organizations are taking advantage of this onset of globalization to push the boundaries of what was hardly possible a hundred years ago even. Yet this ability of companies to easily establish themselves in countries other than their own is now causing people to ask questions about the ethics related to multinational corporations (MNCs). To give some perspective on MNCs, I will use the United Nations definition of them as “all enterprises which control assets – factories, mines, sales offices and the like – in two or more countries” (Kusluvan
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Unformatted text preview: & Karamustafa, 2001). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now more than ever taking on an international importance but not everyone is so sure all MNCs are doing enough to live up to these standards. According to philosopher Tom Donaldson, a company can either take a minimalist approach to CSR by essentially doing as they please as long as the obey the law; or else they can take a maximalist approach by going above and beyond what is expected by the law and really trying to aid those around them (DesJardins, 2010). How far an MNC goes in either direction can either benefit the host country or harm it. Throughout this essay, I intend to further investigate the consequences (positive and negative) that multinational corporation have on the locations they do business and from there I will follow up by outlining certain policies that exist or could be adopted to respond to these issues....
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