PS2 - the initial pressure(state 3 The gas is subsequently...

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APSC 132 PROBLEM SET 2 1. 1.00 mol of nitrogen gas expands adiabatically and irreversibly from an initial pressure of 5050 kPa and a temperature of 500 o C against an outside pressure of 101 kPa. Calculate q, w. D E and D H. (C p = 29.3 J/mol.K) 2. At 101kPa and 300 K (state 1), 2.00 kg of sulfur dioxide gas is compressed adiabatically and reversibly to 400 K (state 2). This compression is followed by a reversible isothermal expansion to
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Unformatted text preview: the initial pressure (state 3). The gas is subsequently cooled reversibly at this pressure to the initial conditions (state 1). (C p = 0.609 kJ/kg.K, C v = 0.479 kJ/kg.K, R = 130 J/kg.K) a) Draw the cycle in a P vs V diagram. b) Calculate the heat and work for the three steps in this cycle c) Calculate the efficiency for this cycle and comment on the value obtained....
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