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Ass5try2 - [j-1 if(Temp-matT[i[j>= 0.01 matT[i[j]= Temp...

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import apsc142.*; i public class Ass5try2 { public static double calcTemp (double matT[][], int i, int j){ for (i=0; i<matT.length; i++){ for (j=0; j<matT[0].length; j++){ if ((i==0)||(i==10)) matT[i][j]=20; if ((j==0)||(j==10)) matT[i][j]=20; else matT[i][j]=50; } } matT[2][7] = 100; m for (i=1; i<matT.length-1; i++){ for (j=1; j<matT[0].length-1; j++){ if (matT[i][j]!= 100){ double Temp = 1/4*(matT[i+1][j]+matT[i-1][j]+matT[i][j+1]+matT[i]
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Unformatted text preview: [j-1]); if (Temp-matT[i][j] >= 0.01) matT[i][j]= Temp; } } } return matT[4][4]; } public static void main (String args){ double boo = calcTem (Test System.out.println ("Please enter the location of temperature that you want:"); System.out.println ("The temperature at 4,4 is: " +calcTemp+ "."); calcTemp = StdIn.readInt (); c } // Place your code here // main method } // Ass5try2 class...
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