14 - Chapter 14 Rolling-Element Bearings 1 Introduction...

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Chapter 14 Rolling-Element Bearings 1. Introduction There are two kinds of rolling element bearings, ball and roller bearings. Show Fig. 14.1 and 14.5 for ball and roller bearings. Figure 14.1a (p. 560) Radial ball bearing (deep-groove or "Conrad" type). (Courtesy New Departure- Hyatt Bearing Division, General Motors Corporation.) (Continued on next slide.) Advantages of the rolling element bearing: 1. The friction force is much smaller than that of sliding bearings at the start stage. 2. It can carry combined radial and axial loads 3. Smaller l/d ratio and compact size 4. Easy to lubricate 5. Relatively accurate alignment and positioning 1
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6. Rolling element bearings are standardized in many countries according to the same standards. Figure 14.5 (p. 564) Cylindrical roller bearings. (Courtesy Hoover-NSK Bearing Company.) 2. Catalogue Information for rolling element bearings Bearing catalogues identify bearings by number, give complete dimensional information, list rated load capacities, and furnish details concerning mounting, lubrication, and operation. Dimensions of the more common series of radial ball bearings, angular ball bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings are listed in Table 14.1 and illustrated in fig. 14.11. Fig 14.2 is bearing series. For bearings of these types having bore diameter of 20 mm and larger, the bore diameter is five times the last two digits in the bearing number. For example, No. L11, extra-light series bearing with a 55 mm bore; No. 312, medium series with a 60 mm bore. Table 14.2 lists rated load capacities, C. These values correspond to a
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14 - Chapter 14 Rolling-Element Bearings 1 Introduction...

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