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Chapter 5: Verbal Issues in Intercultural Communication Be able to define language. -System of symbols shared by a group of people Know the four components of language (i.e., phonology, semantics, syntactic, and pragmatics) and be able to provide examples. -phonology: sound systems; pronunciation; how it sounds, tones -semantics: meaning; different terms for the meaning -syntactic: rules of language; grammar, how it’s structured -pragmatics: context specifics; purpose; how it is used Know what the Sapir-Wharf Hypothesis means. Language defines our experience Perception and language are intertwined Infers that cultural groups live in very different perceptual worlds Be able to define communication style and differentiate between the variations in communication style (i.e., high-/low-context, direct/indirect, and elaborated/understated). -Communication style: the way people use language -The particular way language is used helps the listener to interpret the message -high/low context: does context matter? Low in U.S. -Direct/indirect: how explicit is the communication -Elaborated/understated: how much communication occurs? Variations in contextual rules -Not all groups will use the same communicator style all the same -May be differences in style depending on the situation -code switching, changing style Be able to define cocultural groups. Be able to describe and differentiate between assimilation, accommodation, and separation strategies. Provide examples for each. Be able to define argot, multilingualism, and interlanguage. Know the difference between translation and interpretation, and why they can potentially lead to problems communicating. Chapter 6: Nonverbal Communication Issues
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316studyguide - Chapter 5: Verbal Issues in Intercultural...

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