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Alexandra Kuhn 700888405 Comm 306-002 Often in the workplace, favoritism is showed between workers based on familial relation. Sometimes though, it can go the other way, and someone can be treated more poorly because of familial relation. In the article “The Ties That Bind” that is the case. Due to the fact that Jim was the legal owner, he felt that he could make the rules, although his other brother, Joe, had put just as much work and effort into building The Shop. Jim not only employed his two brothers, Joe and Gene, but also his two sons Chris and Scott, and his grandson, Josh. This is what I feel is the main dilemma. Jim felt that his family loyalty was stronger to his two sons and grandson, as opposed to his brother, Joe. Jim showed favoritism towards everyone but his brother Joe, especially when it came to scheduling, and when Joe had recommendations of how to fix the problems, Jim just shot him down. Many would think that since The Shop completely involved family (three brothers, two sons, and one grandson) that everything operated perfectly and everyone was happy, but that was not the case. The main conflict in the business had to do with scheduling. Favoritism was showed to all the other employees except for Joe. All the other family members were pleased with their schedules except for Joe, and when Joe
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comm306 paper 1 - Alexandra Kuhn 700888405 Comm 306-002...

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