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comm306 paper 2 - Alexandra Kuhn 700888405 COMM 306-002...

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Alexandra Kuhn 700888405 COMM 306-002 “Wall Street” “Greed is Good.” This is the philosophy that Gordon Gekko believes in. Gekko, who is a very successful and high-powered broker, will do basically anything to make a buck. He believes greed is a natural trait and helps people become successful in life. He tries to tell this to Bud Fox, who Gekko takes under his wing and teaches him the ropes on Wall Street. Fox, who is a broker also, spent a lot of time trying to meet Gekko and get a shot with the big-money broker. Once Gekko agreed to see Bud Fox, Fox saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once Gekko turned down all the ideas Fox threw at him, Fox turned to inside information that he learned about his father’s airline business. Gekko then has complete control of Fox from here on out and was able to talk Bud into doing inside trading and other illegal acts. Life seemed very good for them until Bud realized that Gekko was just using him. After realizing this, Bud turns his back on one of the most powerful people on Wall Street and everything ends badly. Bud Fox is caught with inside trading and arrested, and will most likely face jail time. Throughout the film it is easy to see what the filmmaker is trying to show.
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comm306 paper 2 - Alexandra Kuhn 700888405 COMM 306-002...

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