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comm316 paper 1

comm316 paper 1 - Intercultural communication plays a major...

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Intercultural communication plays a major part in our everyday life whether we realize it or not . In my opinion , the movie Crash” does a very good job of depicting many different types and aspects of intercultural communication . I believe the strongest message in this movie is how each society views themselves and other societies solely based on ethnicity . Other messages in this movie include stereotyping, racial discrimination, prejudice, and ethnocentrism . Most stereotypes are formed from actual facts, but we as a society make the mistake of applying our stereotypes to an entire population . In the movie , Sandra Bullock s character had the strongest stereotypes in my opinion . She judged the locksmith as well as Chris Bridges character and his friend . After the locksmith changed the locks at her house, she insisted that they have the locks changed again the next day because she suspected he was going to make a copy of their keys . She based her assumptions solely on the fact that he was not a white man. This occurs all the time in society . People always say they will hire “Mexicans” to do their manual labor because of their low salary .
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