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written ass2 - Intercultural communication is all around...

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Intercultural communication is all around us . With the United States being one of the most desired countries to live in by others, immigration is very common . Whether it is at the mall, restaurant, movies or nail salon, I guarantee someone of a different culture can be seen . It is how we adapt and treat others of a different culture rather than our own is what matters . The U.S. is supposed to be a place of freedom and opportunity, but if we treat immigrants or people that have lived here their whole life but have a different nationality and race differently, then the world will not be a pleasant place to be . Treating people with equality and respect is imperative no matter where one comes from . Intercultural relationships are growing everyday, whether it is relationships or friendships . In today’s world of technology and internet, it is especially easy to meet someone from a different country and culture and find a common ground with them . Although it can be exciting to be in a romantic relationship with someone from a different country, it can also be difficult, but there are many ways to work through it . Communication is essential, no matter if it is a friendship or romantic relationship . Listening carefully instead of critically and not laughing if someone makes an error in speaking a language that isn’t natural to them can be helpful in breaking the language barrier between two people . I have encountered many people in my lifetime of a different culture and found this to be helpful . Most people that are living in a different culture other than their own are just looking to be respected and to fit in like everyone else . I have many different relationships with people of the same culture as I
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written ass2 - Intercultural communication is all around...

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