touchpaper - Some people like being touched. Touch is...

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Some people like being touched . Touch is comforting, intimate, and can make a person feel happy and safe . Being touched by someone can make a person smile, cheer them up for one minute, and just turn a bad day around . It is even said that a person will heal faster with touch . Whenever I communicate with others, I am typically a toucher. Whether it is to playful touch or negative affect , I frequently express my emotions through touching . I consider myself to be more of a toucher than others, but I do not think that I over do it . One time I definitely do not like to be touched is if I am sleeping. I tend to think of that as my “me” time and do not want to be disturbed . Another touch that makes me feel uncomfortable is if someone tickles me . I go absolutely crazy if someone does this to me . Even though I laugh while it happens, I still hate it! If I see that someone feels uncomfortable with my friendly touching, then I tend to back off . Growing up, I was always given affection or disciplined through touching so I have always thought that touching is a natural habit and is necessary for us to learn and grow . Most people that I touch frequently are people that I have close relationships with such as my friends and romantic partner . Upon meeting someone new I am social and offer a handshake. If I am greeting someone that I know and am close with, I usually greet them with a hug. The
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touchpaper - Some people like being touched. Touch is...

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