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Unformatted text preview: THE THE COLD WAR I. A Bipolar World Bipolar II. Onset and Declaration III. III. Height of the Cold War IV. Vietnam and Detente Vietnam V. End Game A. International Level International Bipolar Bipolar World Germany Germany and Japan destroyed Britain and France drained US US and USSR as ‘Superpowers’ • Atomic Weapons Redrawing Redrawing of Borders B. B. Domestic Level Germany Germany and Japan in defeat USSR USSR as dominant European power • Security concerns End of American isolationism En • Anti-communism Anti- Britain Britain and France • Dean Acheson: “Britain has lost an empire but yet to find a role” fi Rebuilding Rebuilding and Adjustment C. Individuals Individuals ‘Big Three’ Big (Churchill, FDR, Stalin) at Yalta, February 1945 1945 ‘Big Three’ (Attlee, (Attlee Truman, Stalin) at Potsdam, August 1945 1945 II. II. Onset and Declaration Kennan’s Kennan’s ‘Long Telegram’ (Feb. ‘46) Fate Fate of Poland and East Europe • Czech Coup (February 1948) 1948) Division Division of Germany Germany Berlin Berlin Airlift (June 1948-May 1949) 1948- Far East Fa East • Korea division • Mao in China (Oct. 1949) Berlin Airlift Atomic Atomic Bomb • US 1945; USSR 1949 Europe Europe in in 1947 The The Division of Germany II. Onset and Declaration II Onset Truman Truman Doctrine (March 1947) • “I believe it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who who are resisting attempted subjugation by by armed minorities or by outside pressures.” European European Recovery Plan (or ‘Marshall Plan’ June 1947) George George Kennan’s ‘X Article’ (July 1947) • Containment Policy Formation Formation of NATO (April 1949) Causes of the Cold War: Realism Causes of the Cold War: Realism Causes of the Cold War: Liberalism Causes of the Cold War: Liberalism Causes of the Cold War: Identity Causes of the Cold War: Identity III Height III. Height of the Cold War NSC NSC 68 (April 1950) Korean Korean War (1950-1953) (1950Eisenhower Eisenhower and Khrushchev Khrushchev (1953) ‘Secret Speech (1956) ‘S Hungarian Hungarian Uprising and Suez Suez (1956) Sputnik Launched (1957) III. III. Height of the Cold War JFK JFK becomes President (1961) • “…we shall pay any price, bear any burden…to assure the survival and success of liberty.” (Inaugural Address) Cu Cuban Revolution (1959) Bay Bay of Pigs Invasion (April 1961) Berlin Berlin Wall (August 1961) Cuban Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962) The Berlin Wall Goes Up IV Vietnam IV. Vietnam and Detente Vietnam Vietnam Divided Tonkin Tonkin Gulf Resolution (1964) and Escalation Tet Tet Offensive (1968) Bombing Bombing and Cambodia Paris Paris Peace Accords (1973) (1973) North North Vietnamese Victory Victory (April 1975) IV Vietnam IV. Vietnam and Detente The The Logic of ‘Détente’ • SALT I and II • Opening to China • Kissinger’s ‘Linkage Strategy’ Problems Problems with Détente Détente Carter Carter and Human Rights • Jackson-Vanik Amendments son• Soviets in Afghanistan (‘79) • Carter Doctrine Nixon tries tries detente V. V. End Game Reagan Reagan and the New Cold War ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ to ‘Evil Empire’ Empire’ Massive Massive US military build-up buildInvasion Invasion of Grenada (1983) (1983) Intermediate Intermediate Missiles in Europe in “Mr. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear Strategic Strategic Defense down this wall.” Initiative (SDI Initiative (SDI or ‘Star Wars’‘Star Wars’-1984) V. V. End Game Mikhail Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-91) (1985• Glasnost and Perestroika Perestroika • ‘New Thinking’ on Foreign Policy Tiananmen Tiananmen Square (June 1989) Berlin Berlin Wall Down (Nov. 1989) (Nov. 1989) Failed in Failed in Moscow (Aug.1991) (Aug.1991) Soviet Union Dissolved Di (Dec. 31, 1991) Perspectives Perspectives on the Cold War’s End Realist Liberal Identity ...
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