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Economics 103 Section 2 Principles of Macroeconomics Summer 2007 MTWRF 9:40 – 11:10 am BEH 111 Instructor Bernard Malamud Email: [email protected] Office: BEH 502 Phone: 895 –3294 FAX: 895 - 1354 Office Hours: By appointment (generally 11:30 am – 12:30 pm) General Nature of the Course Course objectives: An introduction to the study of the determination of the level of national income, employment and prices and the basic causes of fluctuations in these levels . This course will help you guide economic policy if you are ever elected to Congress or the presidency, intelligently advise those who are and, as an informed citizen, evaluate and anticipate what these officials are up to. The course gives you the tools and the confidence to grapple with a highly complex system (the macroeconomy), to understand how it works and how its performance can be affected by policy. The course also familiarizes you with the private and public, national and global, characteristics of today's economic world. We will relate the theories we study to economic events as they unfold throughout the semester. Course Design: Our approach to learning in this course is LEARNING BY DOING. Each major topic we study will be introduced in a lecture that covers assigned readings in your textbook. Some class time, however, will be devoted to quizzes. Seven sessions will begin with a lecture followed by a 12-question quiz based on it and prior lectures. You will first take the quiz individually and then retake it working in a group, learning from and teaching your fellow group-member. You must read and think about assigned material before each class in order to perform well on the quiz and carry your weight in your group. The session will end with an instructor-led discussion of correct answers. In addition to these quizzes, there will be one 50 question classroom exam and an 80 question final exam, both of which you will take on your own, not in a
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ak.103.ss07.outline - Economics 103 Section 2 Principles of...

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