SYL Fin 3331 Fall 10 - MANAGERIAL FINANCE FIN 3331 Fall...

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MANAGERIAL FINANCE FIN 3331 Fall Semester 2010 TOWA / TGWA Instructor: Dr. Wilfred J. Bibbins Course Prerequisites: ACT 2292; Office Hours T/Th 10:00 - 11:25 am 2:20pm to 4:00pm Office Location: 106 McCartha Halll Office Telephone: 334-670-3509 334-670-3143 Secretary 334-670-3599 FAX Email: [email protected] Time of Class: 8:30 – 9:45 and 1:00 – 2:15 T/Th Class Location: 8:30 (GAB 303) and 1:00 (GAB 303) Course Description: Analysis, planning and control of internal and external finance decisions of a firm with emphasis on corporate structure. Prerequisite: ACT 2292. Purpose To provide an introduction and overview of the business field of finance and a survey of the principles, concepts, and tools of analysis in managerial finance. Core requirement for all undergraduate business programs. Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student should: - Define and explain basic financial concepts, principles, terminology, and techniques. - Identify the primary goal of financial management and the firm. - Explain the functional role of finance in the structure of the business organization. - Analyze the financial condition of a firm by using proper financial-analysis techniques. - Calculate financial values based on the concept and techniques of the time value of money. - Evaluate capital-budgeting projects using proper financial-analysis techniques. - Determine the optimal capital budget. - Calculate the value and yield of common financial securities, such as bonds and stocks. - Explain how financial markets, institutions, and instruments operate in the financial environment. - Evaluate financial securities and portfolios using appropriate risk-return analysis techniques Text(s): Fundamentals of Financial Management 12th Edition, with CengageNow, Brigham and Houston, (Thomson-South-Western ) 2010 . Other Materials: You are encouraged to read the Wall Street Journal and Business Week regularly (subscriptions are optional). We will discuss articles from these sources throughout the semester. You are encouraged to bring to the attention of the class any information discovered from reading these publications. Please note that these are not the only
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sources of information available (e.g., Forbes or the Internet.). Grading Methods: Exams 400 points Comprehensive Final Exam 150 points CengageNow 100 points GRADE POINTS REQUIREMENT A 650 - 585 B 584 - 520 C 519 - 455 D 454 - 390 F 389 - 0% The instructor reserves the right to adjust the grading criteria CengageNow Cengage now will be used in the course as both a practice guide and an assessment tool. Chapter problems will be assigned for you to practice working additional problems and to prepare you for the exams. These problem sets WILL NOT be graded. After each chapter, you will be required to take a quiz on that chapter.
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SYL Fin 3331 Fall 10 - MANAGERIAL FINANCE FIN 3331 Fall...

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