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Biodiversity fact file/ revision notes conservation international has updated the analysis of the earth's biodiversity and have identified 34 terrestrial hotspots that cover 50% of the earth's plants Also conservation international have also identified 11 marine hotspots including the that contain 25% of worlds coral reef and 34% of marine hotspots but only cover 0.02% of water some of data collection may be unreliable as it relies on volunteers not
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Unformatted text preview: scientists • one in three species are in danger for amphibians and reptiles one in four in mammals and one in eight birds • Eco region strategy preserves representative ecosystems whereas a hotspot strategy prioritise high quality areas • initial terrestrial hotspots 25 covered only 1.4% of earth's land surface yet contained 44% of all known plant species and 35% of all known animal species •...
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