Future - My Future as a Professional Engineer To become a...

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My Future as a Professional Engineer To become a professional engineer, it takes hard work and dedication. Without those virtues, you have no chance in succeeding in such a demanding field. By becoming a professional engineer you prove to both yourself and the rest of the world that you are ready to take the challenge and begin truely helping society. You have proven yourself in school and you are now ready to prove yourself in the real world. I believe that it shows a great amount of character to become an engineer because you have to work very hard and be true to yourself and to others to be successful. Professional Engineer is the term for registered or licensed engineers in some countries who are permitted to offer their professional services directly to the public. The term Professional Engineer and the actual practice of professional engineering is legally defined and protected by a government body. In some jurisdictions only registered or licensed Professional Engineers are permitted to use the title, or to practice Professional Engineering. The thing that sets registered engineers apart from the rest is theirr ability to sign off or stamp official engineering documents. By doing this they are held responsible for anything thaat may happen as a result. I feel it is very important to become a registered engineer. To be registered means you gain a significant amount of respect over an un-registered engineer. In addition to that you also gain a substantial amoount in pay. With these benefits comes the responsibility of being the one who has the last say. It is up to you to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everything gets built the way that it was designed and intended to. Registering Engineers I believe that they should be registered. There is a huge resposibility on their shoulders and they shoould have the proper training to be able to assume the responsibility. The actual process will take longer but I think it will pay off to have better educated engineers. The Sun: Battery of the Future Michael Spahn (mcs67@pitt.edu) RUNNING OUT OF ENERGY During the past century the demands for fossil fuels have been dramatically increasing. This increasing demand for energy is leading towards the exhaustion of the world’s limited supply of fossil fuels. The National Academy of Engineering states, the depletion rate of fossil fuels is so great that engineers, scientists, and environmentalists have been exploring alternative energy sources, with their primary focus on solar energy [1]. Teams of Engineers are researching new processes to convert the power of the Sun into useful forms of energy such as electricity and heat. The National Academy of Engineers suggests that engineers are finding that the most efficient way of converting solar energy in useful forms of energy is by directly converting it by using light capturing cells known as photovoltaic cells [1]. As fossil fuels are being continuously depleted for energy, an alternate source of energy
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should be a top priority for engineers and future engineers. Advancements in light conversion
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Future - My Future as a Professional Engineer To become a...

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