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Phys 3327 Fall 2010 HW 11 Due Monday 11/22/10 in lecture Homework 11 Relativistic Electrodynamics Ex. 11.1: Force between two moving charges Two particles, P1 and P2, with identical charge q are moving parallel to each other in the x-direction with identical velocities u . They are a distance d apart. This diagram shows the situation as seen from the lab-frame: x y d 0 u u P1 P2 z Calculate the electromagnetic force between the two charges, assuming their trajectory re-
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Unformatted text preview: mains unchanged. Do this in two different ways: a) By using retarded ±elds/potentials in the lab frame. b) By boosting to the particles’ rest-frame, calculating the force and then carefully trans-forming back to the lab frame. Show that the two results agree, as they should. Suggested Heald & Marion Problems for Further Study: 14.4,6,7,12,13,15 1...
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