hw3 - a placed in a uniform electric ±eld E . The sphere...

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Phys 3327 Fall 10 HW 3 Due Wednesday 9/22/10 in lecture Homework 3 Laplace Equation Ex. 3.1: Drawing Solutions to Laplace Equation Ex. 3.2: Coaxial Cylinders Ex. 3.3: Repeating-stepfunction boundary condition Ex. 3.4: Rectangular Box You can use the solution of example 3.2(b) from the book as the starting point for this exercise. Ex. 3.5: Conducting sphere with net charge Calculate the potential at all points in space exterior to a conducting sphere of radius
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Unformatted text preview: a placed in a uniform electric ±eld E . The sphere has net charge q . Ex. 3.6: Spherical surface with prescribed potential Heald & Marion ex. 3-30 Suggested Heald & Marion Problems for further study: • 3.4: Earnshaw’s Theorem • 3-14: Scalar Potential with l = 2. Add: What con±guration of charges a scalar potential with the B 2 term alone? • 3-17: Dipole in cavity • 3-23: Depolarizing factor 1...
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