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Name (Print clearly): _______________________________________________________________ First name Surname Student Number: S i g n a t u r e : Instructor (Section) : W. Power (sec. 001); R. Oakley (sec. 002); D. Gilbert (sec. 003); M. Tchir (sec. 004) Aids Allowed : Electronic Calculator Time Allowed : 50 minutes Instructions: 1. Print your name and other information in the top right corner on the front of the computer card. 2. Fill in your ID number , Section Number and your Card Number/Test Master in the designated fields. 3. Use a pencil to fill in the ovals on the computer card. Make sure any erasures are complete and clean . If you need a pencil, raise your hand and ask for one. 4. This test booklet has 16 questions and 8 pages (including this Cover Page and the Data Sheet). Check now to ensure that no pages are missing. If pages are missing, raise your hand and ask for a new test booklet. 5. There is only one correct answer for each question. Circle A, B, C, D or E on this booklet . When you have finished, transfer your answers to the computer card by filling in the appropriate oval (A,B,C,D or E) in the column for that question on the card. 6. Attempt all questions. No marks are deducted for wrong answers. Do all rough work on this test booklet. Scrap paper is not permitted. 7. At the end of the test, turn in this test booklet . the data sheet, and your computer card , and then leave immediately . Do not put computer cards inside the test booklet! Note: The last page is a DATA SHEET . You may tear it off. Return it with your test booklet and computer card This is test version 003. Fill in ovals 003 for the Card Number (or Test Master) on your computer answer card. University of Waterloo DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY CHEM 120 - Term Test #2 Friday, November 13, 2009
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CHEM 120 (Fall 2009) Test #2 (Version 003) Page 2 of 8 1. True or False? At high pressures, the volume occupied by the molecules of a gas like methane (CH 4
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This note was uploaded on 12/04/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY 120 taught by Professor Bissonnette during the Spring '10 term at Waterloo.

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tt2-3-2009-solutions - University of Waterloo DEPARTMENT OF...

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