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chem lab 1 conclusion - sides of the beaker This excess...

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Conclusion: The purpose of the experiment conducted was to recover the original mass of copper started off with. The original mass of the copper was 0.9837 grams and the recovered mass of the copper was 1.7324 grams. After completing the percent yield of the recovery, it can be concluded that the “ synthesis of copper compounds” experiment had a one hundred and seventy- six percent success rate. This means that the amount of copper recovered was in excess by seventy-six percent when in comparison to the original mass of the copper. The copper (||) nitrate and the copper (||) hydroxide were synthesized. After, the copper (||) oxide was synthesized and right after the copper (||) sulphate. Finally the copper was recovered by removing zinc by reacting it with hydrochloric acid. The sources of error that could have caused the mass of copper to be altered are that when stirring the solution, some of the precipitate was stuck to the
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Unformatted text preview: sides of the beaker. This excess precipitate was not properly stirred in the solution and some of it was not included when the beaker was transferred into another beaker. Also, even after the copper was dried it was not enough time for the copper to be completely dried which meant it was a little damp. There was no way to correct this source of error unless the copper was left to dry over night. Another source of error could have been that when filtering the copper through filter paper, some of the copper seeped through the paper. It wasn’t determined as to how this happened because the filter paper was put together following proper instructions. Somehow the filter paper must have torn. Overall the experiment was generally successful and the copper was recovered, however, it was in excess....
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