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Study Habits - through notes or book and find answer •...

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Studying for Biology Exam 1 Being a kinesthetic learner, I learn better by doing some simple activities, which not only get me a good grade on my exam, but as well as help me to retain the information well beyond exam day. Here are some of the things I did in studying for the first biology exam. Making flash cards to know the 20 amino acids Talking about the multiple theories, themes, and evolution with my someone who knows the information as well Explain the processes in which each macromolecule is formed, also with someone who is able to make sure what I say is accurate Re read my own notes aloud Re read the chapters (only parts talked about in class), but not all at once Showed the animations from the slide shows to my roommate and did the narration myself Answering all the questions from the “important concepts” slides of each slide show to the best of my ability without looking through notes If I got an answer incorrect or was unable to answer, I would go
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Unformatted text preview: through notes or book and find answer • Talk to someone about those questions answered incorrectly so I could get more help on it and be able to understand why it was wrong, or to know the information • Last, I treated the review as an actual exam and answered it within a given amount of time, and without help • Go over exam review and re read for questions answered incorrectly Although this may seem like a long process of studying, I find it very helpful and worthwhile in the end. This is how I prepared for the first biology exam and was able to receive a good grade. In the end, I find actually talking to someone about all the information, helps me most because I am able to actually use all the knowledge embedded in my brain, from lectures, notes, and the book, and see how well I really understand and can apply the information to other things. I hope this is helpful!...
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