Harkins 2010 Course Outline

Harkins 2010 Course Outline - Date W 8/25 TH 8/26 M 8/30...

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Date Topic Class Focus Preparation of Next Class Meeting of the Minds Due How do personal traits influence your thinking? W 8/25 TH 8/26 Intro to Course/MotM Course Introduction Explanation of Meeting of the Minds Topics for the Course Reflection #1 (10 pts) M 8/30 Dr. Susan Harkins, Dr. Cassandra Delgado-Reyes , TIP and the Academic Culture Reading #1 and Reading#2 Read Meeting of the Minds Instructions T 8/31 W 9/1 Thinking about the Academic Culture Egocentrism, Sociocentrism Reading #3 Decide Controversy TH 9/2 F 9/3 Thinking about Thinking Perspective, Assumption Submit Controversy Elements M 9/6 No Class – Labor Day Reading #4 T 9/7 W 9/8 Thinking about Critical Thinking Intellectual Standards TH 9/9 F 9/10 Thinking about Information Literacy No Formal Class – PCL Workshop - Read Dean Laude’s Vita M 9/13 Dr. David Laude, Thinking about Students When is failure success? Reading #5, Reading #6 and Reading #7 What were the main points of Dean Laude’s lecture? Source Analysis Worksheet Due T 9/14 W 9/15 Thinking about Knowledge What is truth? Perry’s Student Development Theory. Bloom’s Taxonomy. Reading #8 TH 9/16 F 9/17 Thinking about Argument How do you develop a sound argument? Read Dr. Ruszkiewicz’s Vita Reflection #2 (100 pts) Due M 9/20 Dr. John Ruszkiewicz , Thinking about Argument Bring examples of a sound argument. Be ready to explain why
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This note was uploaded on 12/04/2010 for the course BIO 311 C taught by Professor Mcclelland during the Spring '09 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Harkins 2010 Course Outline - Date W 8/25 TH 8/26 M 8/30...

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