PhD on Mixers, helsinki

PhD on Mixers, helsinki - Helsinki University of Technology...

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Unformatted text preview: Helsinki University of Technology Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory Publications Teknillisen korkeakoulun Piiritekniikan laboratorion julkaisuja Espoo, October, 2002 Report 34 DESIGN AND CHARACTERIZATION OF DOWNCONVERSION MIXERS AND THE ON-CHIP CALIBRATION TECHNIQUES FOR MONOLITHIC DIRECT CONVERSION RADIO RECEIVERS Kalle Kivekäs Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology to be presented with due permission for public examination and debate in Auditorium S4 at Helsinki University of Technology (Espoo, Finland) on the 18 th of October, 2002, at 12 o’clock noon. Helsinki University of Technology Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory Teknillinen korkeakoulu Sähkö- ja tietoliikennetekniikan osasto Piiritekniikan laboratorio 3 Preface The work for this thesis has been carried out in the Electronic Circuit Design Laboratory (ECDL) of Helsinki University of Technology between April 1999 and June 2002. The research has been a part of an industrial-academic co-operation project between the ECDL, Nokia Networks and Nokia Mobile Phones. The partial funding of this research by the industrial partners Nokia Networks and Nokia Mobile Phones, as well as by the National Technology Agency (TEKES), is gratefully acknowledged. In addition, I thank the Foundation of Technology (TES), Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Nokia Foundation, and the Finnish Society of Electronics Engineers (EIS) for granting my post-graduate studies. I am grateful to Prof. Kari Halonen for the opportunity to work with this challenging topic and for his guidance. Prof. Robert Weigel and Prof. Torben Larsen are acknowledged for reviewing my thesis. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Aarno Pärssinen for instructing me throughout my post-graduate studies, as well as his expert advice. In addition I would like to thank Dr. Barrie Gilbert for personal discussions. During my thesis work I was lucky to belong to a powerful research team. I want to thank the team members, Jussi Ryynänen, Jarkko Jussila, and Lauri Sumanen, for creating a great working atmosphere and for fruitful collaboration. Thanks are also due to Timo Knuuttila, who originally proposed the research project on direct conversion receivers. In addition, thanks belong to all my colleagues in the ECDL, and particularly to our secretary Helena Yllö. I wish to thank all my friends from the Athletic Club Toffee for various leisure time activities. My mother Kristiina deserves warm thanks for her continuous support during my studies. I also want to mention my father Heikki † , who taught me to read and to doubt everything. I am thankful to my parents-in-law, Airi and Heikki, for their encouraging support to my studies and decisions. My dearest thanks belong to my beloved wife Outi. Without your love and understanding this work would not have been completed....
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PhD on Mixers, helsinki - Helsinki University of Technology...

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