TD #2 - Memory, irrational phrases, emotions Powerful,...

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Attitudes and Attitudes change Consumer psychology: Video 1: - Determine how consumer behave ins supermarket o Colors (ex: green = fresh products) o Products location o What way we walk (“perimeter” walking, consumers not going back and forth in the aisles) o Where we look - Time spent - Money spent - Emotional purchases o Baby stuff etc. put aside from the rest of other products : consumer stop and think > begin to get emotional - When we are aware of psychology mktg, we can defend ourselves against that. Vidéo 2: Cigarettes – How to make women smoke? (taboo) Cigarettes = male power. How to make woman smoking look like challenging men’s power? Parade >Women smoking > Photographers > Freedom symbol (women smoking in public)
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Unformatted text preview: Memory, irrational phrases, emotions Powerful, independent smoking women. Make people act irrationally if emotions, desire, and feelings are involved. How do those people want to be seen by others? Before, sales based on needs. Threat: people stopping to buy because they had all they needed. Goal: make them desire, buy stuff they wanted , not based on needs. (USA) Stores/company make intern studies / pay celebrities etc. to make people desire specific goods. Product = inner self Affective / emotional-Effet-Style-Convivial-Pas gout-Prolongation du pnis masculine-Plus cool-Ct rebel...
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TD #2 - Memory, irrational phrases, emotions Powerful,...

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