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book report - Kasey Harbes AEM 1210 Book Report In his...

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Kasey Harbes AEM 1210 Book Report October 14, 2010 In his novel Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming Obstacles between Visions and Reality , Scott Belsky provides a set of guidelines he believes entrepreneurs must follow in order to convert a vision into a successful enterprise. The three main points Belsky addresses are organization and expectation, the forces of community, and leadership capabilities. Belsky’s formula for success can be exemplified through and applied to various experiences of countless entrepreneurs. Provided in the following text is a brief summary of Belsky’s novel, an analysis of his chapter Prioritization: Managing Your Energy Across Life’s projects , and a personal reaction to Belsky’s blueprint for creating and implicated a good idea. According to Belsky, “Organization helps you manage and ultimately execute you’re ideas”. Organization is the initial step in Belsky’s recipe for success. This step may be considered the most important force because it combines creativity and organization. Belsky presents a series of elements that fosters an individuals existing process to developing/implementing ideas. These elements include the competitive advantage of organization, the action method, prioritization, execution, and mental loyalty. Belsky discusses structure as a competitive advantage because through the use of structure we can organize our structure without inhibiting creativity from “bursting out”,
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book report - Kasey Harbes AEM 1210 Book Report In his...

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