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Unformatted text preview: 8/30/2010 1 2 "It is important I learn this. It is really important" Why is it important Minnie Driver learn organic chemistry? A. She always loved organic chemistry and wants to become an organic chemist. B. She is a pre-med and it is prea requirement for medical school. Minnie Driver studying organic chemistry at an outdoor Café in Cambridge while being distracted by Matt Damon. 3 "It is important I learn this. It is really important" 4 Why do medical schools require 3+ years of chemistry ? "Do you have a photographic memory?" memory?" Why did Minnie Driver ask Matt Damon if he had a photographic memory? A. She had heard that Organic Chemistry is a course of memorization and anyone with a photographic memory would surely ace the course. B. She did not date people with photographic memories. 5 6 A. Chemistry is difficult and it is used to weed out weaker students. B. All living processes function at the molecular level and you will be a better physician if you understand molecules and their behavior. C. Neither A or B. D. Both A and B. 1 8/30/2010 Will I have to know a lot of new stuff to do well in Organic Chemistry? A. yes B. no Knowledge of organic chemistry is an important goal of the course. All students are allowed to bring a different personal information card to each of the exams. Although you will have to still know a lot of stuff to do well in the course, the card can be used for information that is difficult to memorize. Knowledge represents the facts of Organic Chemistry. An example of knowledge: Chemical reactivity. What is the chemical reaction that occurs when two reactants are mixed together? 7 8 If I memorize the book will I get an "A" in the course? A. yes B. no Why cannot I get an "A" in Organic Chemistry if I memorize the textbook? A. No one ever gets an "A" in Organic Chemistry. B. Many of the questions on the exams are not in the textbook Problem solving is another goal of the course. Because of the importance of problem solving in life it is, arguably, the most valuable goals of the course. Some examples of problem solving: Structure Elucidation. Propose the structure of a compound consistent with the following data. chemical formula chemical reactions infrared spectrum Organic Synthesis. Propose a method for the preparation of the following compound. "It is so much fun studying organic chemistry! Are you mad? Have you completely lost your mind? Nobody studies organic chemistry for fun." A. True B. False "There are some very smart people at Harvard and even they have to study organic chemistry." Why do smart people have to study Organic Chemistry? A. Because it is really hard. B. Because it is a new subject. C. Both of the above. D. None of the above. 1 1 1 2 2 8/30/2010 Learning Assistants (undergraduate students) Anthony Antonelli Marisa Aranyavivkul Usman Aslam Indranil Bhattacharya Anthony Bianchini Susan Campos Alicia Chionchio Daniel Christian Harrison Dai Arjun Dhawan Christopher Eslis Oleg Gelman Harshvir Grewal Shichong Gu Moulik Gupta Alvin Ho Linle Hou Zubaer Jalil Noel Joseph Syed Karim Sidrah Khan Youngjun Lee Ida Li Kin Li Yang Li Edward Lu Ashwin Malhotra Naila Maqsood Michael Markowitz Jon McGinn Andrew McKenna Alyssa Mierjeski Brian Montevirgen Pavan Naidu Kyle O'Connor Eric Pagan Polina Pinkhasova Vinayak Rayannavar Filippo Romanelli Erik Roos Sourabh Singhal Phillip Son James Sun Oded Tal Kathleen Thomas Frank Trombetta Cory Ullger Paraskevas Xenohontos David Yacoub Michael Yoon Hamna Zafar Patryk Zielinski Cassandra Zurawsky They are smart and they are going to study very hard and they have an excellent support system. Learning Assistants (undergraduate students) Teaching Assistants (graduate students) Faculty Learning Assistants (undergraduate students) Teaching Assistants (graduate students) Yijun Chen Jonathan Hancewicz Yang Zang Chiao-Yung Su Tao Wang So Jeong Lee Li Tan Megan Himmler Kate Kate Higgins Faculty Faculty Active Learning! What is Active Learning? Joseph W. Lauher Lauher Zachary Katsamanis Active learning is when the responsibility of education is transferred from the instructor to the student. Active learning is the "guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage". Robert Grubbs Frank W. Fowler 3 8/30/2010 Instructor: Asks a question. Students:Answers the question. 1. Clickers 2. Quiz and Workshop Template 1. Verbally http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Class/ che321ff/workshops/ws_forms/ ws_forms_pdf.html Where was the person on your left born? Discussions among students is an important aspect of active learning. What is the major of the person on your right? A. Biology B. Biochemistry C. Psycology D. Chemistry E. Health Sciences F. Other A. Long Island B. New York C. North America D. South America E. Asia F. Africa G. Europe H. Other Gen Gen Chem Review: Answer the following problem using your quiz/workshop form. H H H What is the major species present if acetic acid is added to distilled water to make a 0.10 M solution? Acidic –H, i.e. –OH. O 1a. 1a. Draw the structure of a compound with the formula C2H4O2 that reacts with 0.1 M OH to give H2O and the C2H3O2 ion. No O-H functionality. 1b. Draw an isomer of the above compound that does not react with 0.1 M OH. A. B. H H C H C O H Ka = 1.8 x 10-5 4 8/30/2010 What is the pKa of acetic acid? Fluoroacetic acid a stronger acid than acetic acid. pKa = 4.75 Ka = 10-4.75 Ka = 1.8 x 10-5 pKa = 4.75 A. -4.75 B. 4.75 C. 5.25 D. -5.25 A. true B. false pKa = 2.59 Why is fluoroacetic acid stronger than acetic acid? Why is acetic acid stronger than ethanol? pKa = 4.75 pKa = 4.75 energy pKa = 2.59 pK pKa = 16 pK Why is acetic acid stronger than ethanol? Why is acetic acid stronger than ethanol? A. inductive effects pKa = 4.75 δ δ pKa = 4.75 A. A. inductive effects B. resonance effects C. neither of these D. both of these C. C. neither of these D. both of these B. resonance effects pKa = 16 pKa = 16 5 8/30/2010 6 ...
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