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Nonionion ion na cl which intramolecular interactions

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Unformatted text preview: er Waals hydrogen bonding dipoledipole-dipole van der Waals dipole-dipole dipolevan der Waals A. D. D. B. B. E. E. C. C. F. F. H C C Br OH C C C H C C H2 Pd/C C H C H C C OH Propose a synthesis of the following compound from reactants containing 4 carbon Li 1. C O C 2. H2O atoms or less. C Br Li H Br O C Br H C C OH Br Br OH 2. H2O 1. Li Br OH PCC O C Li Br H2 Pd/C OH H Br OH 1. Li Br 2. O 35 36 6 9/15/2010 1. Li OH Br 1. 2. H2O H HO O 1. Li 2. CH2=O 3. H2O Br Br Br HO H Br OH O OH Li PCC OH 2. Br 3. H2O H Br 37 38 39 7...
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