Exam#3Review(1) - -Size of team-Task roles vs Process roles...

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MGMT 210 – EXAM #3 Review – Chapters 14-19 Chapter 14: - Difference between leading and managing - Types of power - Autocratic vs democratic leaders - The Leadership (or Management) Grid - Situational Leadership - Transactional/charismatic/transformational leaders - Level 5 leadership Chapter 15: - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory - McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory - Equity Theory Chapter 16: - Schramm’s model of communication - Communication channels - Verbal vs nonverbal communication - Listening - Formal vs informal channels of communication - The grapevine - MBWA Chapter 17: - Difference between a team and a group - How to measure team effectiveness - Types of teams – formal, self directed
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Unformatted text preview: -Size of team-Task roles vs Process roles -Stages of team development Chapter 18:-Types of control (feedforward, current, feedback)-The control process -Financial statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statements-Liquidity Ratio-TQM Techniques-Six Sigma-International Quality Standards – ISO 9000 Chapter 19-Product vs service design-Facilities layout-Inventory-CAD/CAM-RF Identification-Productivity-Data vs information-Types of info systems: Operations Info Systems, Process Control Systems, , Management Info Systems-The Executive Dashboard-Keep in mind the homework assignments....
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Exam#3Review(1) - -Size of team-Task roles vs Process roles...

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