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Exam Review – MGMT 210 – Exam #1 – Chapters 1 –6 and Appendix A Chapter l: - Difference between effective and efficient - The 4 functions of management - Management Skills/Levels - Difference between functional and general managers - Managing in times of crisis Chapter 2: - Understanding the various Management perspectives/approaches o Classical o Humanistic o Management Science o Systems Theory o Contingency Approach - Elements of TQM (Total Quality Management) - Gen Y Chapter 3: - Task vs General Environment – differences between them, components of each - Internal Environment – Different types of corporate cultures
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4:-Four stages of globalization-The economic environment-The legal-political environment-European Union-NAFTA-“The World is Flat” article Chapter 5:-Approaches for ethical decision making-Levels of personal moral/ethical development -Social responsibility/discretionary responsibility Appendix A:-Characteristics of entrepreneurs-Components of the business plan-Types of financing – debt vs equity Chapter 6:-Levels of goals/plans-SMART goals-MBO (Management by Objectives) Think about all the homework assignments....
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