ExamReview#2 - Chapter 10-Reasons for change-Force Field...

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Exam Review – MGMT 210 – Exam #2 – Chapters 7 – 12 Chapter 7: - Types of grand strategies - Types of global strategies - Levels of strategy - Competitive strategies - SWOT - BCG Matrix and associated grand strategies Chapter 8: - Programmed vs non-programmed decisions - Differences between certainty, risk, uncertainty and ambiguity - Types of decision making models – classical, administrative and political - Decision making process Chapter 9: - Line vs Staff authority - Span of Management/Span of Control - Solid line vs dotted line reporting - Centralization vs decentralization - Different ways to organize – pros and cons of each o Functional o Divisional o Matrix o Team based o Network - Task forces vs teams - Re-engineering
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10:-Reasons for change-Force Field Analysis-Implementation Tactics - ZOPA-3 types of change – levels where initiated-Roles in the change process Chapter 11: -Primary goals of Human Resource Management-Federal Legislation – Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination Act-Attracting an Effective Workforce o HR Planning o Recruiting methods o Selection methods-Developing an Effective Workforce-Maintaining an Effective Workforce Chapter 12: -Primary and secondary dimensions of diversity-Affirmative Action-The Glass Ceiling-Diversity Awareness Training Think about all the homework assignments....
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ExamReview#2 - Chapter 10-Reasons for change-Force Field...

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