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MGMT 210-ComprehensiveExamQuestion

MGMT 210-ComprehensiveExamQuestion - you feel they are so...

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MGMT 210 – COMPREHENSIVE EXAM QUESTIONS 1. (12 POINTS) Identify the 4 most important management concepts/topics you feel we covered this semester and thoroughly discuss why you feel they are important to the practice of management today. Your examples must be selected from information covered in Chapters 1-19. Additionally, the 4 topics must come from different chapters. The answer to this question should be 1 typed single spaced page – minimum of ¼ page for each topic. Note: I am NOT looking for a definition/description of the topics/concepts you select, I am looking for the reason(s) why
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Unformatted text preview: you feel they are so important. 2. (3 POINTS) Outside the Sondheim building there is a statue of Walter Sondheim surrounded by 3 benches featuring some of his favorite management philosophies. Select your favorite one and write a paragraph discussing why you feel this philosophy is important to the practice of management today. This should be a ¼ page single spaced typed paragraph. This portion of the exam will be submitted with the remaining portion of your final exam. Spelling, punctuation, word usage and grammar will be considered in the grading....
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