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CSE 489/589 Midterm Exam Solution Spring 2009 Time: 50 minutes. Mar 09, 2006 Total points: 100. There are 4 questions. Please use the space provided for each question, and the back of the page if you need to. Please do not use any extra paper. The space given per question is a lot more than sufficient to answer the question. Please be brief. Longer answers do not get more points! Please stop writing when you are told to do so. We will not accept your submission otherwise. Your name: ———————————————————————- Person number: ———————————————————————- The rest of this page is for official use only. Do not write on the page beyond this point. Problem Number Score obtained name and id (2 max) Problem 1 (30 max) Problem 2 (21 max) Problem 3 (14 max) Problem 4 (33 max) Total Score: (100 max) 1
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Problem 1 (30 points) . Mark the correct choice(s). You do not have to justify your answer. Each question is worth 3 points. 1. If we write a network application which will only be run on hosts with the same endian format, then we dont really need to use htonl , htons , ntohl , and ntohs when filling out the address structures. 2 True False 2. The name-to-IP mapping that DNS maintains is a 2 One-to-one mapping 2 One-to-many mapping 2 Many-to-one mapping Many-to-many mapping 3. Suppose a TCP socket has been created (with a socket() system call). We have to bind() the socket before we make a call to (check all that apply) 2 read() 2 write() listen() accept() 2 connect() 4. Suppose we have a variable fd set read set; . Before calling select() on it to check the readability of a few file descriptors, the following must be called (check all that apply) FD SET() 2 FD ISSET() FD ZERO() 5. If we are selecting on file descriptors with values 2 and 4, then the maxfdp1 argument to select() must be set to (check all that apply) 2 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 5 2 6 6. Which of the following events indicates a slightly better network congestion condition? 2
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mid-sol - CSE 489/589 Midterm Exam Solution Spring 2009...

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