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CS 168 Computer Networks Jannotti Homework 3 Due: 12 April 2010, 4pm Problem 1 Section 6, problems 1, 6, 25 and 35. Problem 2 We have learned that TCP provides a “reliable” byte stream. Consider a simple client/server pair. The client has 1 kilobyte of data it wishes to send to the server. It calls connect , write , and close appropriately, and each returns without error. Explain how: a. The server might not receive the data. b. The server might receive corrupted data. You should assume this is the only TCP connection between the two hosts, ever. Problem 3 a. Why is it not suFcient to have all TCP connections start with an initial sequence number of zero?
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Unformatted text preview: b. Why does UDP exist? Would it not have been enough to just let user processes send raw IP Packets? c. Web servers are optimized to handle thousands of connections per second. How can there be more than one simultaneous connection to the server when the server is listening on only one port? d. Both UDP and TCP use port numbers to identify the destination entity when delivering a message. Give two reasons for why these protocols invented a new abstract ID (port numbers), instead of using process IDs, which already existed when these protocols were adapted....
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