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Sheet1 Page 1 Graphs-Structure Games-Behavior Bring these together"Markets -Networks of particpants (buyers, sellers) -Interactions First:Matching-allocation of resources Then Add:buyers, sellers, prices Later:intermediaries VWX all want 2 rooms which is not good. VWX are the bottleneck that prevents me from assigning nodes. Given a set s of no d S is a constricted set if N(s) is strictly smaller than S. Constricted set--> no matching Easy way to match. iT IS CALLED the Matching Theorem-there is always a constricted set when there is no matching.
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Unformatted text preview: Finding a perfect matching in a bipartitite graph is a special case of (can be translated into) Finding an opt assignment. Two BIG QUESTIONS 1. yOU want to find optimal assignment, How do you find an optimal assignment (as a central administratator) 2. How do we decentralize this process (via prices)?...
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