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Problem Set 1 - Physics 117A Assigned Wed Turn in no later...

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Physics 117A PROBLEM SET #1 Assigned: Wed. . 8/26/09 Young & Freedman Chapters 1 & 2 Turn in no later than 5:00 PM Thurs. September 3 Show all your work, and explain your reasoning. It is usually best to solve problems algebraically and only insert numerical values as the last step if a numerical answer is required. After you have solved a problem, pause and ask yourself whether the answer seems plausible; include with your solution a statement regarding the plausibility of the answer. See the grading scheme and an example of a good problem solution on the course web page (Topics Homework) BOX YOUR FINAL ANSWERS. While we encourage free discussion of the homework, all assignments are to be completed individually. Copying will not be tolerated. 1. Vector A has magnitude 3.50 and lies in the xy plane pointing at an angle 20º from the + x axis and 70º from the + y axis. Vector B has magnitude 2.30 and lies in the xy plane pointing at
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