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09-0doc - bike and mess around in the yard It does not...

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Matthew Byrum Time Management How to manage your time is very important to your everyday living. You have to know what time of the day to get the things you need done on time. Such as if I were at school and I was between classes I usually do my homework so I will not have to do as much of it at home later at night when I get off work. When I am not working or off work for the day I usually use my time to get some work around the house done or I will hand out with my friends or do homework. Time management may not be easy at times for me but most of the time I will find time to get the things that are important to me done so my day will go good for me. The most important thing about time management is to find time to have fun. I always find a fun activity to do during the day even at school or at work or at home. At school, I may go and sit in the pit area and play a game on my laptop during a break to waste time before a class. When I am at home, I will hang out with a friend or I may watch TV or go outside and ride my
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Unformatted text preview: bike and mess around in the yard. It does not matter what it is I can always find a way to have some fun during my day. When I do something that I enjoy it takes my mind off the everyday thing that is going on. Being successful with my time is not important it is how I can manage it and have fun while I am doing it. Some times, I make a to-do list of the things that I need to have done for my day or week. Usually I do the things that are hated the most first. Therefore, I can get them out of the way and do the things that I can enjoy. Some of the times I will not get the harder things done first, I will put them off and in the end, it ends up hurting me. When my priorities are in line, I can usually get things done in a quick and right way. A to do-list can help me have my priorities and time managed in a orderly and right way so I can finish my day right....
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09-0doc - bike and mess around in the yard It does not...

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