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The Toughest Indian2 - Sally Park Period 3 December 2nd,...

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Sally Park Period 3 December 2 nd , 2010 Prose Analysis: Excerpt from The Toughest Indian in the World by Sherman Alexie 1. What do we learn about Roman’s character from the passage? What social and personal factors have influenced his development? Roman Gabriel Fury is a cognizant and intelligent teenager, deeply influenced by the prejudice accompanying his minority status. Twice when Williams throws a snide comment toward Roman disguised as innocent flattery, Roman replies, “I’d say thank you…but I don’t think that was a sincere compliment.” This blunt rebuke illustrates that Roman is perceptive of ridicule, owing to enduring such contempt all of his life. Roman’s straightforwardness, evidently derived from his dislike of being mocked so discreetly, is demonstrated when he informs Williams that he “walked seventy-five miles…for the test” and that the security guard suspected that he was going “to vandalize the place.” He reveals not only that he is intensely aware of the distrust that he receives merely for being Native American, but that he feels bitterly about having to tolerate such injustice. Alexie highlights this grudge by giving Roman the surname “Fury.” Finally, Roman’s cleverness is exhibited during the contentious exchange between him and Williams. When Williams accuses him of being “arrogant. ..and calculating,” Roman replies casually that he was “calculating enough” to score a ninety-nine on the math section of the test. Through Roman’s cool attitude in response to William’s incriminating tone, Alexie emphasizes that Roman is accustomed to being treated so suspiciously and with derision. 2.
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The Toughest Indian2 - Sally Park Period 3 December 2nd,...

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