Lifting the Corporate Veil

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Lifting the Corporate Veil Times When a customer pulls a pair of blue jeans from a store shelf, the garment label offers little more than the size, washing instructions and country of origin. There are no clues as to whether children working for next to nothing stitched the jeans. That typical lack of information is what makes Gap Inc.'s recent social responsibility report so welcome among shoppers who care about what's sometimes called the true cost of manufactured goods. The unusually frank report shows what the Bay Area company is doing to prevent abuse of workers in factories that make its clothes. It was a savvy marketing decision by Gap's chief executive, Paul Pressler, a former Disney executive who understands the value of a powerful brand. He's positioning Gap as socially responsible, a move likely to appeal to media-aware and higher-income customers. But the report (available at .com) goes beyond PR. Gap's willingness to discuss problems — including underage laborers and the failure to pay overtime at some of the 136
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