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http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/opinion/la-ed-lead31-2008may31,0,6496234.story From the Los Angeles Times The price of lead pollution Children who suffer lead poisoning, researchers find, are more likely to commit crimes. May 31, 2008 Anew study on lead pollution and crime indicates that even relatively low exposure can affect a child for life. It also starkly shows that, in the big-picture world of environmental hazards, we live in a very small world indeed, in which all of us suffer collateral damage. The researchers found that regardless of socioeconomic or other factors, children exposed to lead developed smaller brains, particularly in the areas that regulate attention, impulse control and decision-making. They were more likely to be arrested for violent crimes. The higher the concentration of lead in the blood, the more likely was a criminal future, but negative effects were seen even among those with lead levels that are common among children today. The children with brain damage were obvious victims of lead exposure, but so were the victims
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